Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A great blue heron on the Jetty

It's such fun to get this close to a Great Blue Heron; he's standing on the Venice Jetty, with the gorgeous blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the January blue sky, and the Venice Beach behind him.

Lunch by the Intracoastal in Venice, Florida in January - nothing like it. Just love tasting the fresh greens topped with Sesame Tuna while watching the boats go by. A perfect day!

Spectacular Weather in Venice, Florida

Unless you're here, now, you won't believe the weather! If you like COMFORT, it's here, now. No chance of post-holiday slumps with the warm breezes, temps touching 80 degrees in the afternoon, barely a cloud in the sky. The sunsets are worth a trip to the beach every night. It's just great to be here in Venice, Florida, in January.